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Discover our incredible Hero Zone arena in free-roaming mode, where you can embark on epic adventures with up to 4 players! Immerse yourself in a world filled with challenges and thrills with a selection of 5 captivating games.

Dead a Head:

Face hordes of bloodthirsty zombies in this immersive shooting game. Use your aiming skills and quick reflexes to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Journey into a fantastic medieval universe and battle goblins and dragons using your bow and arrows. Be precise and strategic to triumph over your enemies.

Quantum Arena:

Gear up for intense gun duels in a futuristic arena. Show off your shooting skills and agility to eliminate your opponents and become the arena champion.

Cook'd Up:

Put your culinary talent to the test in this fun burger preparation game. Follow recipes, cut ingredients, and serve your delicious creations within the given time.
Time: 30 Min